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Hawaii Seed Research Services (HSRS) is a corn contract research and consulting company located in the state of Hawaii on the island of Kauai.  HSRS specializes in serving your specific nursery needs.  It is our desire to establish long term relationships with our customers as the result of mutually beneficial collaborations.

Our staff has in excess of 40 years of combined seed industry experience, 28 of which have been on the island of Kauai.  From seed counting to planting to tissue sampling to pollinating to harvesting to shelling to turning, we have just about seen and done it all in our 100+ nursery cycles of experience.  We know that timeliness, ensuring the genetic integrity of pollinations, producing sufficient amounts of seed, and effective communications are what you desire most.

HSRS will strive to provide you with a flexible pricing schedule that allows you to accurately budget the needs of your program.  Pricing will be on a case by case basis, after we have had the opportunity to thoroughly discuss and understand the goals of your research project.

We at HSRS believe that the following are significant components to successful nursery operations:  effective communications, timeliness, attention to detail, competent agronomics, distinguishing between environmental and genetic phenotypes and understanding mendelian inheritance of both qualitative and quantitative traits.  It is with these understandings and core beliefs that we vow to ensure the genetic integrity of your material.

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